Scout Programs

       Feel free to have your scout meeting at Art Fusion, tour the studio and learn about the pottery process from start to finish. 

Our studio offers several opportunities for brownies and girl scouts to fulfill full and/or partial badge requirements. In addition to our badge-focused packages, we offer scouting troops a 15% discount on the pottery events held at our studio. The 15% discount is applicable to our general inventory and is not available on the badge-focused packages.

The following packages include: 2 hours in our private party room, a brief educational talk on the process of ceramics, glazing and firing as well as a studio tour, one piece of pottery for each scout, and use of our decorative tools.

                   Daisy Themed Projects for Daisy Troops:

                          1. 6″ tile plaque with a the Daisy Center and Petals $15.00 per child
                         2. Daisy Shaped Jewelry Box $20.00 per child
                         3. Flower pots with Daisy Center and Petal finger prints $18.00 per child

                   Brownie Projects:

                        1. Earn the Color and Shapes badge.

All badge requirements will be met/ $21.00 per child Make a mobile out of a lump of clay! Girls will create a concept-themed mobile and paint it with glaze at the studio. It will then be fired. Troops can them assemble the mobiles at a future meeting. Assembly is super easy and instructions are provided!

                       2. Partial Badge Requirement Projects:

                                a. Make it, eat it. Create a bowl for your brownie soup! Bowl is food safe. $15 per child
                               b. Building Art. Create a Neighborhood: paint your neighborhood on a 6″ Tile. Put them together for a 

                                    creative mural. Plan your neighborhood at a meeting before coming. We can provide tracing paper                                     for any designs done in advance! $12 per child
                               c. Healthy Habits. Washing works: paint a soap dish or a toothbrush holder $15 per child

                       3. Junior Girl Scouts/ Full Badge Requirements Ceramics & Clay Badge:
Learn about the process of ceramics from wet clay to finished ware, tour the studio, and create your own ceramic piece by painting glaze onto ceramic bisque. Scouts may choose from a tile $15.00 per child, a mug $18 per child, or a vase $22 per child.

Folk Art Badge: Learn about the international folk tradition of the garden Gnome. Garden Gnomes have been the subject of Folk art for several hundred years in multiple countries. Each scout gets to create her own miniature gnome $13.00 per child.

Visual Arts Badge: Learn about basic color mixing and practice mixing secondary colors on a color wheel palette. Then, learn how color effects the expression of mood and how monochromatic shading can also alter the feel of a piece. Choose to create your project on a tile $12.00 per child or a dessert plate $15.00 per child.

If you would like to discuss a community services option speak to us directly.