Let us help create the perfect fundraiser!

Non-profit groups play a crucial role in all of our communities. Non-profit groups may include charities, youth groups, and civic organizations, such as your local scouts organization, team-in- training and run for the cure causes, Kiwanis clubs, and so many others. We are here to help and provide the best possible financial outcome. Please call today to setup your fundraising event.


        #1 Schedule a Pottery Painting Event at Art Fusion and recoup 15% of the sales from a special time period.      


        #2 Sell Art Fusion Gift Certificates.

                           Sell a $15 gift certificate and keep $5 for your organization!


        #3 Auction Items.

                           We can create custom pieces for your next auction. These pieces can be completely painted by us OR we                                   help you get fun fingerprints, handprints and footprints and turn them into pieces of art you can auction off.


        #4 Create a Tile Wall or Mural.

                          Tile walls and murals make terrific public art projects and a creative way to leave a beautiful, memorable legacy for your school, campus, facility or place of worship.  Art Fusion will sell your group tiles (price includes paints, glazing

& firing) and help you with a pottery painting event. You sell the tiles to donors, school $6 tiles - your group sells them for $10-$15 and keeps the $4-$9 profit! With a large group this can really add up!